Broadmoor Student Ministry’s Purpose

Love God, Love People, Change The World

Everything we do points to the Student Ministry goal to develop students who love God, love people and who are committed to changing the world. One way we communicate that goal is through a simple tool we call the Napkin Discipleship Plan. It is a simple way to communicate the core principles of the Student Ministry.

Upcoming Events


June 5-9, 2017 • 8:00AM - 12:00PM

Students (Grades 7-12 Completed) are encouraged to volunteer at WOW WEEK: Broadmoor's Unique VBS Experience. Positions are available before, during, and after WOW WEEK, and include areas of hospitality, Bible study, theming, crafts, recreation, publicity, sales, evangelism, group guides, and music. Students (6th Grade Completed) are invited to participate in META WEEK (June 5-9 • 8AM-12PM • Cost: $50/Student).

Online Volunteer Registration has closed, but you may still participate. Please contact or stop by the church office for details.

Middles School Events


High School Events

click here for high school events 

Weekly Schedule 

Grades 6-12 
Sunday Mornings

9:15AM  |  High School Life Groups for Grades 9-12 | Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith)
9:15AM | Middle School Life Group for Grades 6-8 | Hangar (ROC)

10:30AM | Middle School Life Group for Grades 6-8 | Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith)

Spring 2017 Wednesday Nights

WAYPOINT for Grades 6-8 | Wednesdays 6-8PM | Hangar | Collective Middle School Student Fellowship & Worship |  Waypoint begins at 6PM. Worship will be up front ending around 7:15PM. Activities including the “Brand New” game room and gym will be available until 8PM. 

PRIME for Grades 9-12 | Wednesdays 6-8PM | Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith) | Collective High School Student Fellowship & Worship | The Student floor will open at 6PM Wednesdays to allow students time to enjoy the newly renovated Student space. There will also be activities and an incredible concession stand featuring milkshakes and gourmet coffee drinks. Prime Worship will begin at 7PM.

Discipleship Plan Overview 

Love God [Luke 10:27a]
We want every student to passionately pursue an authentic relationship with Jesus through the practice of spiritual disciplines. 
-Praying, Bible Reading/Studying/Memorizing, Journaling, Giving, Note-taking, Corporate Worship 

Love People [Luke 10:27b]
We want every student to experience community by having significant relationships with other students & adults within the body of Christ. 
-Life Groups, Equipping/Discipleship Groups, Ministry Teams, Midweek Gatherings 

Change the World [Acts 1:8]
We want every student to use his or her gifts & talents to impact the world for Christ. 
-In their sphere of influence & through our ministry partners locally, in North America & internationally.