Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning experiences are tailored to reach and engage children in the specific phase of life they are in. Whether it’s participating in a high energy game that reinforces our Bible study or discussing situations where children learn how to use God’s Word to navigate through relationships with friends, our Sunday morning Life Groups are designed to allow our leaders to invest into the children they are leading so they are being discipled in a manner that speaks specifically to them.

We have two Sunday morning Life Group options for you to choose from. Each Life Group hour consists of the same components. These options are at 9:15 or 10:45am. During both hours your child will experience a Fellowship/hang out time, a large group experience, and a small group experience.

During our Large Group Experience, children hear the Bible story for the day. It is presented in a very engaging and interactive manner that will hold any child’s attention!

During our Small Group Experience, children move into our classrooms, where they dive deeper into God’s word. Our leaders help the children understand the Bible story, but then they take it to the next level and work to make certain the children understand the Bible story’s direct application to their life.

If you have any questions please contact us at or 601-898-2345.